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The institute's members consist of bricklayers, laborers, mason contractors, manufacturers and distributors of brick and block, cement companies and suppliers of products for the masonry industry, as well as professional architects and engineers.
Members receive access to many programs and services otherwise unavailable to them.
One of the critical issues facing the masonry industry today is that of manpower. For several years now, the institute has made training and recruiting efforts a top priority. The Union Bricklayer Training Program graduates about 20 first year apprentices each spring, and two major Iowa community colleges graduates about 15 students annually in their year long programs. The institute also prides itself in the quality and effectiveness of its high school recruitment programs to support the industry.
A 15-member elected board of directors, who serves for a 2-year term, and 1 ex-officio member governs the institute's activities. Board membership is comprised of two mason contractors, two block manufacturers, two brick manufacturers, two stone manufacturers, one brick distributor, 1 cement shipper member, and two at-large members, 3 Union representatives, plus the ex-officio position. The board has an advisory committee and various subcommittees. An executive director and an office manager take care of the institute's daily responsibilities.
Membership dues account for a portion of the institute's financial support as well as special contributions from members and other affiliations. Since 1992, MII has taken on other responsibilities, for various industry related marketing groups, that helps support MII through an administrative fee.
The institute sponsors educational seminars to assist architects, engineers, and contractors to stay abreast of design and construction requirements for masonry buildings.
Each year, the institute funds and arranges educational seminars as well as its'  annual meeting. Participants attending the seminars can earn continuing education contact hours issued by the institute.
The institute maintains a library with information about numerous masonry subjects. By contacting the institute, members and professionals can be assisted with and receive technical information and materials through our contacts with national organizations.
A variety of training videos are available from the Institute's library.
Marketing the value of masonry is a top priority for the institute. This effort includes advertising in trade journals published for architects, engineers and homebuilders. These professionals, among others, also receive a newsletter and a monthly magazine about masonry construction from the institute. The institute also sponsors an annual design awards program that recognizes outstanding masonry projects in Iowa.
The institute's speakers bureau consists of people who can fill speaking engagements on behalf of Iowa's masonry industry.
The institute's executive director, a masonry supplier and a masonry contractor are available to address architects, engineers and other professional groups.
The institute provides technical assistance to the design profession and industry members. The inquiries, which average about one per working day, cover a wide range of complexity, but the most common inquiries relate to fire ratings, thermal resistance, or details of wall assemblies
As part of its relationship with ISU and the U of I, the institute provides funding to help both universities advance masonry research. The long-term objective for this support is to help ISU and the U of I establish its' prominence in masonry research.
As a member/associate of several organizations, the institute is a clearing house for information about the masonry industry.

The National Concrete Masonry Association, the Brick Institute of America, the International Conference of Building Officials, the American Concrete Institute and the Masonry Society are among organizations to which the institute has direct ties.
Through these associations, the institute keeps current with the important developments affecting the masonry industry.



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